Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well last week it was "THRIFT" day!

OH yes, I headed to the thrift store twice in one week last week! Once by myself..and once with the hubby!

Here are a few of the treasures I found (and at REALLY GOOD PRICES too!) We did pick up a few things that are not pictured here..a few thermos type items for the hubby to use while fishing. :)

This is pretty much as much as I could get in the photo of an overview of the 'treasure'.

The pig pillow, small...45Cents

Two Anne Geddes Lithographs for my grandbabies..$1.99 @...and a wooden frame for a future stitchery .65cents
Doing good so far?? LOL
Not sure what you'd call this.. a candle box maybe?? Either way, someone had begun a tole painting on it, never finished it..I picked it up for .99cents. Ohhh and the 'turner' inside..well it's old, and it's just the coolest spatula looking thing I've seen in a while. Wooden and metal handle..don't know if I'll use it or hang it!

Ok..I picked up 5 dinner napkins..the same color as my walls, and two that were print..total on those..3.00$. The Crocks..one is complete, the other has the lid and metal snaps missing..99for the good one .45 for the one with missing pieces. :) trust me.I'll still use the one with missing pieces! And a lovely box, that says "Growing Herbs" at the top, it's adorable really..got it for a whopping .99cents too..I can't wait to fit a few small pots in it on the window sill with herbs in it! And the little white ceramic statue is of Santa on the bottom and three of his elfs atop..I'll paint that up for Xmas!
And finally..

The rabbit..along with some other things. A black crock on the left, complete (.99) ..the rabbit was 1.50..I am NOT into 'hearts' so I intend to take those off, other then that, this guy has found a home already over my kitchen door leading outside. :) (pointing straight to the garden I might add!) So before it's over, I just may 'write' something on his arrow about 'garden this way' or something along those lines!
And my joy of joy's

The little guys in the back.. I love all crocks or jars with the metal 'snaps'. The little guys in the back, 5 of them are 'jars' ..small but not tiny, look to hold about a cup maybe. A few had the rubber seals, the rest did not, came complete with their glass lids and metal snaps. Three of them have stamps on the bottom that give dates, one says 1897, two others say 1877. Don't know if they are 'for real' or possibly 'remakes' but either way..LOVE THEM! Ohh ps on this .65cents a piece!

The black crock has already found a home. Most of you know, I LOVE to cook. SO, next to my stove I have this little set up here. The off white crock contains salt for me to use when cooking (I'm a 'finger' cook) so when I picked up the black one, I thought what could be better, but to use it for the pepper!
Behind those crocks are bottles of 'olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar. My biscuit basket and of course, my pizza stone!

Hope you enjoyed my treasures..I know I will!!
Till next time
The Hedgewife!

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NancyD said...

You really did great on this trip! :) Love that bunny!!