Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something I forgot!

And a few things I didn't. When showing pics of my craft room last week..and my 'material stash', there were some I forgot to include!
At Christmas, my DIL gave me exactly what I asked for..material to add to my quilt stash....

They came all bundled like you see..in .......THIS

A 'picnic' basket! Which now sits in my dinning room. Isn't it cute!!
Oh, and I should post this on the garden blog, but it's here for fun. I've been working on our garden boxes for a few days now, what with all the wonderful weather and our newest addition thought he'd try to them out for size!
Now, that's what I call.."Homegrown!"

And finally, the only 'craft' I've done as of late, were these.

They are real eggs...blown of course and I took small bits of tissue paper and decoupaged them onto the eggs. They turned out pretty cute, very colorful!
I guess that'll be it for this Hedgewife today..I'm off to start dinner..Chicken Enchiladas!! I'll post the recipe on The Kitchen Blog later today or tomorrow. See you then!

Sage, the Hedgewife.

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