Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok, it's spring, it is official right?
The plum tree, the pear tree and the blueberry bushes all have budding flowers. If I don't get a pic before the day is out, I'll miss it all together! (See..Springtime, down here in the south, only lasts oohhh about 3 days. After's summer. I SWEAR!! Ask any southerner!)

At any rate..I made the weekly trip this week to see the girlchild and her offspring.."Squishy'.( Lol)..and on the way home the hubs and I stopped off at Lowes. I was DETERMINED today to get the paint for my kitchen.
See I've been to Lowes, 3 x's in the last 3weeks, and EVERY TIME I've gone in, I go to the paint counter and they are packed, lined up 4 & 5 deep. And wouldn't you know it, not a 'paint person' in sight! So I've just said "OH well, I get it next time."
Well, next time came today!
Have paint in hand, and will begin the process tomorrow if I'm able! I'll start doing some 'before and after pics'. We are going from wood (which I like don't get me wrong) to white (which I love!)

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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