Saturday, March 21, 2009

And so the process begins.

Today is the day...the kitchen face lift has begun. So here in..we'll keep a 'make-over' diary!

Here's a few 'before' shots for ya...

I was just so tired of 'brown' wood. I've always loved a white kitchen and that's what I wanted. Add to the fact that I don't like my kitchen layout in the first place so I least give me a 'color' or look I like right?? RIGHT! (and before it's all over, I may do some 'cabinet' adjustments and such too! If I could find any place other then my kitchen to keep my chest freezer I'd be in good shape. it stands, there are no other places. (sigh)

And so I began. After taking the FIRST cabinet doors off, the old fashioned way with a screwdriver (ohmygawd)...I received this!'s not a blister (yet),'s something I don't you know what I did?? I went to the barn and got "THIS"

An hour later, all doors and their hardware removed and looks busy in here doesn't it?? Well, it WAS clean!! It will be again, may be a few days, but it'll all come together eventually.

I'll be reusing all the knobs and hinges, so they are soaking in paint thinner to remove ANY grease or residue. Then they'll be scrubbed in hot water and soap, then tomorrow after they've dried over night I'll paint them black.

Since I'll be doing the walls directly after getting cabinets done, when I start the primer, I'll primer EVERYTHING except the countertop!
Check back in a few days for some updated 'face lift' pictures!! Till then..happy decorating..painting, priming and sanding! (what in the world did I get myself into!?)
See ya next time......down on the farm!


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