Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow, it's been over a week

But, I'm back with a garden update and this one is loaded!!
Ok, as everyone knows we left this past weekend for a Smokey Mountain adventure with my family. We had a blast while we were away, and I got some beautiful pictures from there too. I'll be putting those on the main page soon with a story to go along.

Also, the day after we returned home, our first grandbaby made his grand appearance. He waited just for us to get home ya know! He arrived on Monday evening and of course, life was and is very busy around here with the new bundle of joy to visit and take pictures of.

Well let me tell you, a week of not being able to spend much time in the garden, and jungles will magically appear! I had to do some quick harvesting yesterday! This morning I decided it was time to have another walkabout and gather some pictures for all you garden bloggers. So, why don't you meet me outside and we'll go on a tour! ON WITH THE SHOW!

On our return from the Great Smokey's it was clear we'd have to do a quick harvest. Here is what we gathered the day after our grandbaby came into the world. Squash and mustard greens! There are plenty more where that came from. Guess what we had for dinner? And boy was it yum too! The squash are very tender at this point, hardly any big seeds and the greens, well you just have to love them!

Ok, walk with me to the garden.

As you can see, it's really starting to overflow with goodness. Almost looking jungle like! (and it really is due to not being worked in for 6 days!)

Look at that tomato jungle and cucumber jungle. Boy have they grown. Escaping their boxes as fast as they can. I can see my job for this evening will be doing some tying up and pruning back.

Through the gate and the first glimpse I have of the tomatoes lends a pleasant surprise as I see the jungle of blooms and green balls of delight!

There are a good many tomatoes on the vines and
most are almost hand size. I can tell there will be
some fried green tomatoes for dinner round here soon!

Just look at those jewels! My mouth is watering now just waiting
for them to be cooked up in the pan!

Now mind you, the cucumbers are not to be outdone, oh no!

They are overflowing their boxes and trying to escape! Some of them near the fence end are growing up the fence, and that's ok. We've gathered about 6 cucumbers since we've been home, and there are more to pick for sure.
Just behind the cucs you can also see the banana peppers, getting on up there. Soon, there will be little peppers on them, and then I wont be able to keep up!

These little guys thought they could hide, but oh no,

I found them!

Now, the jungle really gets out of hand when it comes to the squash plants. They are overflowing! Take a look at this will ya!

Those blooms are huge! The squash area of the garden holds yellow squash, acorn squash and zuchinni. All squash types that I love. Do you want to see just how big some of these blooms are?? Well take a gander at this!

OH my! Is that a big boy or what??

Ok, here's a view of the yellow squash plants from a distance.

Any type of squash takes up a lot of garden room so remember,
only a few plants will produce a lot of squash.
I think I planted 4 plants in one row (a ridge actually)
And boy, I surely don't need more then four of each kind!

Wow, I have so much work to do! But there is nothing better then being in your garden and working it. Producing on your own what you eat at the table. You KNOW what's in it and better yet, you know what's NOT in it!

Want to see some more?? Ok, keep walking with me then, it's a long way around sometimes, but off we go!

Here's another distant shot for you to see, the zuchinni, yellow squash, and finally the turnips (on the right). The greens on the turnips need to be picked again already! (I just gave them a heck of a hair cut last Thursday!)

The grass between the rows has grown tons since last weeding and cutting down, and alas, that looks like another weekend job. A gardener is never at rest, be forwarned!

Look what I found hiding under the umbrella of leaves!

Yum yum! Dinner next week!!

I mentioned that we had already gathered a bounty of squash for dinner upon our return. Well, there are plenty more where that came from! Oh my, they will probably all be ready at the same time, and you know what that means right?? Freezer bags here we come!!

I always try to plant enough to fill the freezer. Squash plants will produce all year, so there will be plenty for the freezer! That includes zuchinni as well. The Acorn squash is a little different. It's starting to produce but each 'fruit' will take longer to ripen. It's a fall type of gourd almost. They will be picked later in the season and storage for those is either slightly pre-cooked and frozen or just cool storage like a basement or root cellar.

Whew! what a walk huh?? Let's call it a day for the garden. How would you like to take a walk around the yard with me and see some of the blooms of early summer? Those blueberries are just about to burst with fruit, and the figs are blooming out all over the tree. TIRED already? Ok, we'll walk the yard a little later, so why don't you meet me back here later today, we'll take a walk about the yard.

See you the Garden Gate!

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