Thursday, May 1, 2008

What about the Days?

Now that we've discussed what my 'work week' is like, the question is, how about the days?

My days usually start early, not as early as some and earlier then others. I let my natural clock kinda make that judgement. Some days I'm up before the hubby takes off for work, others I'm not. I don't have a time schedule perse, but here's how my day runs.

Most days, I'm up, the bathroom and bedroom spiffing are done and my first cup of coffee is in hand by 7 am.
The first load of laundry goes in and I empty the dishwasher, plan dinner and take anything that I'll need out of the freezer. If I plan on making bread, now is when I mix it up and sit it aside.

If it's a laundry day, and there are things to be hung on the line, I get them ready and in some sort of order in the basket, grab the full clothes basket and my garden basket and head outside. I hang the clothes, deposit my garden basket at the garden gate, then go straight to the chicken coop to feed the chickens. (who have been up and peckin' much longer then I have!) Then it's over to the garden!
Early harvests, cleaning, pinching, planting and a general fluffing up of the garden I try to do early in the morning. (this southern sun is way to hot to be out in the late morning or early afternoon!) Usually I'm in the garden anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour, depending on what needs done. (Or what I feel like doing!)
Then it's back inside and it's usually about 9 am, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Like I said, I don't have a time schedule.
Then I'll start my inside chores. The everyday ones first...which is 10 minutes in each room just clearing the decks and spiffing. (most days this only takes a few minutes in each room) Now for the Daily/Weekly chores. Whichever day it is depends on the rooms I'm doing (see previous post). That's about two hours total, most times less.
LUNCH TIME! (cuz it's about 11 or noon now)
Where did I have breakfast?? Somewhere between the garden and the daily spiffing I'll take 10 minutes and grab something. WHO KNOWS what..but it's usually something.

Here is where the day becomes as I go routine. I'll bring in the laundry and I have a habit of folding it as I'm taking it off the line, then I only have to touch or deal with it one more time when putting it away. I'll hang up another load if I need to.
I'll go visit my craft room sometimes, or somedays I enjoy a movie or do some bloggin! (sometimes I'll stick the bloggin in before I start my daily chores too!)
Nothing is written in stone, except maybe the early morning routine of spiffing, chickens and garden. That's almost always the same.
The rest of the day is mine to do with as I please. I get wild hairs once in a while and change things around just for a break in the routine, but I must say, on most days I like getting the work over and done with so the rest of the day is FUN! You gotta have some fun in your life, or you'll get too bored and get lost in the shuffle somewhere.
When the hubby calls to say he's on his way home (when he's off on time this is about 3:30 or 4:00 pm) is when I'll go back outside and let the chickens out of their run, to roam the yard. They stay out till the sun starts going down, then they go back into the coop on their own. (Nice of them isn't it??)
I'll do any last minute items, getting any clothes off the line, sweeping the stoop and walkway, early dinner preprations, etc.
After the hubby gets home, we usually head outside in the evening to work in the garden or just about the yard. Mowing, cleaning and whatnot.
I start dinner anywhere between 6 and 7. It never usually takes us long to cook dinner, since I've done early preps, and we do a lot of grilling. Dinner is usually done and on the table within 30 minutes. (30 minute meals anyone?).
When I cook, I'm a cleaner too. I never have much of a mess when dinner is done and on the table because I've cleaned as I cook. It's a habit I started very early in my married life and have continued. Just makes things easier for me. And, I never leave the dishes for 'later' after dinner. I'm straight up from the table and getting it done. Takes me all of 10 minutes.
We are usually done with our day and sitting down to watch some tv or a movie by 8 pm, and sometimes earlier.
That's about it, that's my day. NOW..tell me all about yours??

Happy Hedgewifing!

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