Friday, May 30, 2008

We had a visitor the other day

Scary thing when you see one of these sitting in your driveway when you come outside isn't it?? Imagine a knock on your door and you open it to find an uniformed officer, sidearm and all waiting! OHMY!!

NAHHHH!! It's only my nephew Dennis. I've got two nephews on the force here in my county. Me worry?? NOT EVEN!

Today, was Maya's day though. She was putting in a job application for the Colleton County Police K-9 unit!! Just kidding!, but since she is a shepherd, and she loves to 'ride' in a car, we not?!

She jumped in ready to take off! Mr. Officer even took her round the property! She came back just as proud as punch!

Ohh but my my my, she enjoyed the ride! It was like "MOM, MOM! He even put the siren on while I was in!! Can I do it again!"

She can be such a ham sometimes!!

Do we love our critters or what??

Maya didn't make the force of course..we were just playing...Aww, onto bigger and brighter things!

Want to see the 'doughbowl' that I bought when I was in Pigeon Forge?? A pride a joy for me, hand carved even. We had to bring it home and do the final finishing sanding on it, so hubby finished it for me the other day. Now, I've got to season it with some mineral oil and lots of use, and that is exactly what I plan on doing! I've had a few people stare aghast at me because I plan on using my bowl, but 'tut tut', I don't buy things that I don't use!!
It's called 'collector issues'. I only collect stuff I'll use. Baskets, movies, a doughbowl, etc.

So what do all our Sagewood Bloggers collect? Tell me about your collections. Do you use them or keep them for looks only?
See ya next time, down on the farm!


Unknown said...

OMG!! We are soooo sisters!! I'll take pics of mine and post today!!

I got a walnut doughbowl and rolling pin at a yardsale last year for $35.. I use it occasionally but I guess I will using it more now that I feel guilty for not using it!!!

Sage said...

Eh...I'm just one of those people that kinda think..WHY do I have it if I'm not gonna use it?? LOL..sorry to make ya feel guilty! LOL...but then'll make you USE IT! which means..more bread!

SuPrEmE said...

Gotta tell ya Sage, cousin Dennis is starting to look an awful lot like Cousin Tony.... Give my love to both of them and remind them when I come home I expect to get away with stuff lol