Friday, May 23, 2008

We're back!!

Hello all my fellow Hedgewives! I hope that your weekend was as enjoyable as mine! Would you like to see a preview, just a peek at some of the things that our weekend was filled with?? Take a look
The picture at the top of the page was taken on our drive in. The clouds look as if it's smoke coming from the mountain itself, hence the name 'Smokey Mountains.'

The tunnel into the Smokey's was fun, not that I haven't been before, but it's still fun the 3rd and 4th time!
The scenery was lovely of course, and it's all you can do to keep driving and not stop and just enjoy the view. We were so anxious to get to our destination, that we only made one stop on the way in.

Since we arrived earlier then expected we drove on down to Gatlinburg and walked down onto a small path that led to the riverside. This is the "Little Pigeon River"

We walked along the river for a few minutes, then back into the truck we went to trek back toward Pigeon Forge.

Once we arrived at the house, the party began! We were the next the last to arrive, because we got lost..well, not really. Let's just say that we circled the mountain a few times before finding the road that our map said was on the right (OFF THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN) when it was really on the left!

****Two of my brothers hook it up quick and the music was started! Doyle (left) on guitar, Darrell (right) on mandolin.
Since we don't get together very often anymore, any chance we get to play together is taken on quickly and rolls for as long as we can.

The oldest brother Jack regaling us with song a little later in the evening. We've started calling Jack "The Grand Poobah" because he is the oldest, but let me tell you, Jack is truly a story teller! I don't mean lies, I mean stories. The stories he can tell, we all wonder how he remembers them all!

Aww, that's all the peek you get for now. As I go through the photos and get them all arranged and edited I'll post a 'Weekend Tale' on the main Sagewood Farm page for all to enjoy.
For now, I'll leave you with this final Smokey Mountain photo, it was lovely there, truly lovely. The weather couldn't have been more prefect!

Till next time!
Sage, the Hedgewife

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