Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to finish that garden and yard walk!

When I last updated the garden blog we had not gotten a chance to visit all of the areas in the garden and about the yard, so today's the day, meet me at the garden gate and let's finish our walk!

Here is a close up of the broccoli plants. They have started to head since this picture a few days back, so I'll have some fresh broccoli heads for dinner soon! I'll be planting a second 'fall' crop of broccoli near the beginning of July, that will be my bigger crop for 'putting aside', this planting was for 'table eating'.
The corn is coming along. We seem to be behind on this compared to some of our fellow farmers here, but then again, some of them are more behind then we are! It's all a matter of timing. Our time starting getting slim and then the rains came, so we had to wait to plant the corn. It's still coming up and looking good!
We planted one long row of sweet potatoes this year. The sweet potato isn't really a potato as true potatoes go.

This is our first time doing these but from everyone we've talked to around here, it's one of the easiest crops to grow. You plant and let her go! We don't havest this till the plants die back. Then we wait a little bit, and dig up the tubers! YUM!

Can you tell me what this picture on the left is of?? I've asked around and have been told it's wild garlic. I've seen pictures and it sure does look like the pictures of garlic I've seen, but it smells like an onion! Well, either way, we are going to let it sit till it dies back and dig it up, we'll find out for sure that way! This was a surprise bloomer in the yard last year too, it's doubled itself this year, so I have to see what it is now! Specially since I didn't plant it!

Here are a few of the plants that are hanging about here and there. A citronella which I got as a tiny tiny thing, it's getting big and I'm glad, they help with the mosquitoes! (actually I've got two of these, but they don't sit together, I've got them on either side of my chair, I hate mosquitoes!)
And finally my angel wing begonia that I salvaged from a stump really.
She's getting right along!

Well, that's it for today, I sure do hope to see you back soon, and you can me at the garden gate! (BRING YOUR WORK APRON!)

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