Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Time for my debut!

Hi there! My name is Brayden Riley, and here's my story.

I was renting this condo you see, but it was getting a little cramped. I know Mom wasn't ready for it, but I decided to move out early! So, I'm here to say HI!

I made the big move on May 20, 2008 at about....ohh I'd say 6:45. (pm)

It was tough going, I really did like that little apartment, but things were getting a wee bit small for me. Truth is, I really wanted to come out and enjoy the summer sun!

I snuck up on Mom while she was getting ready for work. Boom, I let her know the time was here for me to move out! Hey, I was just trying to give her a day off from work. Now, she'll have a little vacation she can spend with me!

"Hey mom! LOOK! They are making me get my
feet dirty! They made me do it! Really!"
Hmm, this is kind of like getting fingerprinted down at the jailhouse!
"What am I in for officer"?
I may have to stay here for about 2 weeks. I gotta serve my time for moving early! They call me a preemie here, but I'm good and strong so it must mean the new kids on the block!
Pfft..I just like giving surprise entrances that's all. I was ready for my close up!
Here I am, in my close up shot. Just ignore all the wires and hoses, they'll be gone soon.
I didn't pick the best of weather to move in. Just before I arrived, a big storm moved in. Thunder, lightening, hail and even tornados here and there, but I couldn't keep my audience waiting! I had to make my grand entrance even though the doctor missed the show! (She was caught in the storm.)
I will say, they are keeping me warm, I've got this nice heat lamp above me, I don't even have to wear clothes, now that is way cool!

I do like to sing and someday,
I just may be a star!
I'm fond of the crooners, the ones who
sing to all the ladies!
That's me.
Singing away even in my sleep!

Well, just in case you were wondering, yeah, my mom is doing great. She's ok with the fact that I moved out early. Now we can spend the summer together, and I can sing to her all I want. We are gonna be the best of pals!

I just wanted to stop in to say HI! And tell you, I'm new here. But I'm sure I'll be seeing you around!
Hope everyone enjoys my grand entrance. I'll be back, to sing and show off again, as soon as they let me outta here. Gotta serve my time first. CIAO!


SuPrEmE said...

Awww Sweet little Brayden... wish I was there to see him in person :(
Congrats Grandma :)

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

Brayden {{{HUGS}}} I like to see him warm in the that blanket. I get the shivers when babies aren't all snuggly covered. LOL

Congratulations Grandma, Mom and Brayden!

Anonymous said...

awwlllll! i can't wait to meet my first nephew <3

Unknown said...

Congratulations Grandma and Mommy!! Brayden is a very lucky babe and I think he already knows it!!! Keep the pics coming!!

Aunt Jenny said...

How exciting!! He is just beautiful..congratulations!!!