Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's one of those days

Where you start doing something and the next thing you know, you look up..and TWO Hours have gone by!! Ohmygoodness! Well, here's part of my last two hours, I'll share some funnies with you for the day, hope you enjoy them!

And fat bottomed girls kinda like chunky dunkin!! Still, there's nothing like going out late at night, stars shinning, in the quietness of your backyard and slipping into a pool buck naked!

But..since I'm a Maxine fan, she says it best!!

Ahem..I do drink a lot of coffee! LOL..I'll never tell though.

Hey man..where's the bubbles?? We are gonna have to fire that keeper, he forgot the bubbles!!
Didn't realize cat's liked water did ya? Gotta love the big beautiful cats! Dare you to get in with them!

Does this cat have the 'strut' going on or what!! I had this picture as my desktop background for the longest time. Made me laugh everytime I sat down at my computer! Sure do love those 'bad boy' shepherds!

And of course, I love the funny ones too!!

I've collected these pictures over the year's, people send them to me or I find them around the net. I have many more on file and will be sharing them once in a while, and today was one of those days.
Hope you've enjoyed some of my last two hours. Have a great Saturday!


Unknown said...

Too funny!! Love the music choice too!!!

Sage said...

Thank you!! I try once in a while! LOL Hope you had great MOTHERS DAY!