Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's craft time again!

The drunken chef cutting board

When we went on our family vacation to Pigeon Forge, we just happen to stop by a few of the shops in the area where we we ran across a wooden cutting board that the hubby and I both liked. The colors of the many different woods they used looked very pretty and it was big enough for my tastes. So, of course, the sweet hubby of mine bought it for me...(I'm such a stinker)

ANYWAY, now I had two smaller wooden cutting boards that I didn't want to 'toss' ...(I'm not much of a tosser for good things), but on the other hand, I really couldnt' use them anymore. They were starting to crack and were really worn. (I'm an avid cutting board user).
I scratched my head ..what to do what to do? I ran to the craft room and fumbled about in there for a good while. I'm sure the hubby was hearing all the clanging and banging and wondering if I was tearing the house down, but I emerged a little while later with a picture that I purchased a while back, for a whopping dollar. I placed the picture up against one of the cutting boards and it fit almost perfectly! There it is, the next craft on the list! Decoupage! That's the ticket! So here ya go, what I did and the finished project!

Here's the board and the picture, so I trimmed the pic to fit on the board.

I wanted the board to show all the way around the pic, so I measured and cut, and measured and cut again till it was small enough.

Then I mixed some green paint with water, and gave the board a color wash on both sides and the edges. Don't ask me why I chose green, I just like green!

This takes a little while to dry, so I went and drank a few glasses of wine while the paint dried.

Then once it was dry, it was time to sand away, to make it look a little worn and old. I sanded it all over, front, back and sides, making sure to hit the edges good.

Once that was done, I damp wiped it down and let it dry again for a few minutes. Which gave me time to drink another glass of wine.
Now, it's time to attach the picture. I put some glue in a small bowl and added a little bit of water, then brush it on the back of the picture.

I carefully picked up the picture and placed the picture where I wanted it. I used a bigger harder brush to smooth the picture out, leaving no bubbles or wrinkles.

******DONE! You can spray it with a sealer if you like, but let the picture dry overnight. Spray and hang! And have another glass of wine! That's it! Now he hangs proudly in my kitchen, reminding me, to drink wine!! Have a great day, and I'll see you next time, down on the Farm!
You never know what we are going to get into around here!

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Unknown said...

Oh Sage, that is soooo cute!! You are just to crafty!!