Friday, May 30, 2008

It's days like this...

That I wonder how in the world my Grandmother kept it all together!

I've been busier then a one armed paper hanger for the last two weeks it seems and this week have been having to run just to keep up ....not catch up!

Let's hope that next week is better! I've got a list of stuff that hasn't been done yet!
I'd like to hear from all you Hedgewives out there, tell me what you do when you 'get behind' cuz we all do.
How do you catch up? Do you double up on the work or do you just go at it again like normal knowing you'll catch up in a week or two?? Let's hear it, share your ideas, hints and tips so other Hedgewives can read along and learn!

Usually when I get too far behind (like I did these past two weeks) I just go at it again on my normal schedule, but I'll make sure I take some pen and paper with me and jot down special things that need to get done, that may have been missed or forgotten about. Then, I'll set aside 1/2 hour every day and start on the list, for the appropiate room I'm working in.

Like, right now I need to put the 'dark curtains' up in my bedroom. (I transfer curtain types depending on the weather/season..heavier lined type curtains for the winter..keeps the heat in, lighter curtains for the spring and fall..makes the house feel fresh and renewed then dark curtains for the summer..keeps the heat out!) Before I change curtains, I usually wash the windows. So this is something that needs to be done in my bedroom area. Instead of taking 'extra time' out of another work day, I'll just wait till that room day and add an extra 1/2 hour to my schedule and do it then. That extra 1/2 hour doesn't have to be done when the 'cleaning time' for that room is slotted either, as long as it's done during any 1/2 hour of that day, then it works for me.
So tell me do you best 'catch up' when you get behind?


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Honey I wish I could tell you! I have spent my whole life catching up!! I thought you were WONDER WOMAN!!! It's good to know that you have to plat catch-up sometimes too!!! LOL

I am sure you of all people will figure it out though!!!

Good Luck!!

Sage said...

Wonder Women?? LOL No..I don't like the outfit! ROFLMAO!!

Nah..I have bad days too! trust me..lately there have been more then I care to mention!! LOL