Thursday, May 1, 2008

Growin', growin'........GROWIN'

Here it is, another update in the garden! Glad to see you here!!

I've got some new 'pretties' in the garden. My first garden Gnome. I've always wanted a collection of gnomes, so yesterday the hubby treated me to my first. He's just adorable!

I've got him up front in the rock garden. He'll probably stay here for a while, till he tells me where he should go and a name. :)
Hubby also bought me this guy last year for my
birthday. He's got a solar panel on top so his eyes light up a mellow yellow at night. He's my tree spirit!

Ohh yes, updated pictures of things that have grown. You can take a look back through the archives and see these same plants a few weeks back. The growth is amazing. Soon we'll be getting more and more harvest from the garden! Those first squashes are always so special!

The weeds are starting to take over in the pathways of the garden, so it's time to scrape them down and cover them up as soon as possible with some newspapers and hay until we are ready to get the plastic and the mulch in. Got more boxes to build before we can do that!

That's about it for the garden today, I've got tons to do for the rest of the week and again on Sunday. Will be gone fishin' all day on Saturday. It's a mini vacation, but one well deserved! So see ya next time when you ...........................

Meet me at the Garden Gate!

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