Monday, May 5, 2008

Back from our high sea (lake) adventures

Arghhh! ((said in her best pirate voice))
We have returned from 'that thar' maiden voyage! None the worse for wear, and still sporting our fingers and toes, even though 'scurvy dogs and sea monsters' ran amok!

Up above are scurvy dogs. ......Now, that thar's a sea monster!

"Arre ye go mate, us puttin in at da ramp"..a little hideaway that we found on our secret pirate map! (I'll never tell how we got the map!)

'Dat's da Captain backin'er in the deep blue!" (well, not real deep here, but you get the idea!!) "Den coaxin'er off the trailer. That's when Gilligan (that would be me!) took over "Little Red" and backed her on up!

'Ahh, thar ye go lads, de brave Captain fur shur, and lookin' mighty safe in his vest don ya tink?? Course, that scurvy dog next to him thar, well, thats his official look out, she's a watchin fur pirates!!' (aint she purty!)

"LAND HO!" The lookout spied more then pirates, she spotted land so away we went to dig treasure on an uninhabited island. (cept for the ants, they were everywhere!). We rigged up a few poles and
got some lines wet. The 'Cap'n granted Gilligan here some fishin lessons as the scurvy dogs looked on. OH and if you're curious, the hat, we bought it for the captain a few days back, it says "FISH, they can swim but they can't hide!" (funny huh..they hid this day!)

And of couse, the first mate here, kept a watch for orca's and fish, and whatever else she could munch on. "Could be she kep' a lookin for that sea monster she spied earlier, she wants ta keep what's left of 'er tail!!" That sea monster could munch her and and her tail quick! (and it easily could me!)

She did take a hearty swim though, but Gilligan here, failed to get pictures of that! (This time)

"Arghhh!" I hope you've enjoyed seeing our pictures of our high 'sea' adventures and the maiden voyage of the new vessel. OHH yes, I forgot to tell ya, the new vessel has been dubbed


So, Gilligan here, will become the official fish widow, to the 'Other Women'..sad thing, she's got better lines then I do!! ((WINK, WINK))
Till next time, I'll see ya........down on the farm!

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Unknown said...

"The Other Women" too cute.Really looks like fun and the doggies were loving it too.