Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ahh the sweet smell of

Walk out into our back yard and garden, and the smell of Jasmine assaults the senses. It's everywhere! We've got a type of Jasmine growing over next the vacant rabbit hutches, I believe it's either Confederate Jasmine, or Star Jasmine, not sure actually. Either way, the smell is fabulous! Stroll further down the yard, and the honeysuckle smell gets you. That's everywhere too. Ahh, the sweet smells of early summer.
The garden is doing well! I've got about 5 squashes that will be ready to pick by the end of the week and of course, the yellow blooms of the tomatoes are starting to pop up here and there. I can taste those Fried Green Tomatoes now! YUMMM!

I'll be cleaning out the chicken coop again in a few days, maybe even today once the heat of the day is gone, and adding that hay to other areas of the garden. I tell you, chickens have it made! Maid service and all!

Hubby has cleared the pathways between the boxes for me today, so newspaper and plastic will be going down within the next few days as well. Gotta keep those weeds at bay!
I've waited weeks and weeks, but finally yesterday, a few Acorn Squash plants pushed themselves through the soil. HURRAY! I was just about ready to give up hope.
Not as many zucchini plants came up as I was hoping for either, so I may just run on down to the feed store sometime this week and pick up a few seedlings to add where my seeds did not come up. It almost feels like cheating when I do that, it's kinda like 'insta-garden', but I can't stand the empty spots!

Ahh well, I guess it's time for me to head outdoors and see what I can find to get into. The day is 1/2 over and I haven't accomplished much in the gardens. I guess it's time I get out there. ((sigh)) Gotta go change into my 'garden' clothes! Why don't you meet me..

......down by the garden gate?

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