Monday, January 14, 2013

The Chaos continues!

Boy do I have some pictures for you! Not today..ohh no. I'm going to make you wait.

As per my goal..I've accomplished another room. The master bath.

As you well know the Master area of the house was the first zone of my 'Do more with the space you have' affirmation. The master closet was the first down, then moving on to the master bath. With the last additions I have to make this morning, the master bath will be complete.
Now, I want to give you a heads up here. With the complete revamp of the closet and the bath, the master bedroom suffered greatly..and I took pics. Oh yes I did.
And yes, I'll post them part of the 'keep it real' that was started last year.

You can't possibly do what I have done and keep every room neat and clean as you go. You have to have a deposit room somewhere for the stuff you are moving, getting rid of, finding new homes for, etc. It was not pretty...(shaking head in shame)

The next room on the chopping block is the Master Bedroom of course. That will make that whole area of the house complete. I'll be pleased. One bad thing about that room though..hubs's dresser and night stand area. I won't be able to touch that. I don't touch that. I don't want to touch that. I can only hope he'll see the 'change' and take it upon himself to clean the top of his dresser off. Please please please.

That said..I'm off to start the day...

Stay tuned..............

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