Friday, November 5, 2010


(draggin' Suds the soap box from the corner and stepping on his back)


Let's get the requirements out of the way.
1. I hate shopping at Walmart
2. I have no other choice but to shop at Walmart because I'm like everyone else in the world..and I need need to save money AND since the super Walmart moved into our small town..many of the competitor grocery stores have closed down. We've lost Piggly Wiggly, Winn-Dixie and Food Lion (which we didn't technically loose, it just changed to a Reids but with higher prices it seems. We do however purchase most of our meats there).
3. The prices at our Walmart are consistently higher then the Walmart 50 miles from here..WHY is that?
4. I hate to shop ..period. all that said, here's the skinny. Today was a 'big' shopping day for us. We needed a good many of the basics, the bones of groceries like flour, sugar, crackers, noodles etc. so it was a 'big shopping' day. Now, mind you remembering what I've already stated, off to Walmart we went.
We comparison shop at all times, I mean who doesn't in today's 'money struggle' right? Over the past many months, we have discovered many Walmart brands (great value) to be cheaper and just as good as the name brand counter part. I'm sure most of you have discovered this right?


So different. What with the list I had to buy (grocery bones) I expected to be able to get a good portion of those items via 'Great Value' and save some money. What a surprise I got.
While shopping for ..well,'s a VERY short list.

Vegetable oil
Flour (self rising)
Grape Juice
Cheese (cheddar)

Vegetable oil: Great Value brand: 2.98
Crisco brand: 2.50 (starring starry eyed)
Flour: Great Value brand: 2.50
EVERY OTHER BRAND (except Southern Biscuit) 1.96 OR LESS (blink..blink..WTH?)
Grape Juice 100% sugar added: Great Value Brand: 3.98
Welches Brand: 3.62 AND a $1.00 off coupon when you buy 2 (blink..blink..WTH)
Cheese: Large block, sharp cheddar: Guess what? Walmart's Great Value doesn't come in a 'sharp', however for comparison here we go: Walmart's Great Value brand, 3lb block, mild cheddar 7.98 (By the by, all Walmart brand 3lb block cheese whether it was cheddar, mozz. or colby..7.98)
Cabots EXTRA SHARP white cheddar 3lb block 6.98 A DOLLAR CHEAPER! (and trust me when I tell you, Cabots is MUCH MUCH MUCH better) WTH?

NOTE: all sizes were the same, all products identical except for 'brand'.
Was I seeing this right? Since WHEN did the 'Walmart Great Value Brand" get such a calling and upper crust attitude that it was now more expensive then the name brand items? Can someone please tell me this?? Chime in anytime here. WTH?

So, I'm wondering here. WHY did this happen? WHEN did this happen?? And have YOU who Walmart shop noticed?? If not you better start standing up and taking notice. Walmart has sucked you into their brand..made it cheaper, saving you that hard earned dollar and then WHAM..once they think they've got you automatically grabbing that 'cheaper 'Great Value Brand" they raise the prices and HOPE you won't notice.
ATTENTION WALMART SHOPPERS!!!! Take notice. Price compare. Don't assume.

We found on this shopping trip that almost ALL groceries had taken a considerable price hike then by comparison of 3 months ago. Gas is on the rise again. Hard times over? I think not. Put on your rose colored glasses cuz Christmas is a homemade affair around here!

(getting off Suds and putting him back in the corner after an appreciative pat on the back and a scratch about the ears)

See ya next time......down on the farm!


Stitchesnstrokes said...

Never, never assume that no-name is cheaper, sure found that out ourselves!! We always check the brands...sure is more necessary than ever before to shop wisely. Good point, Sage...
BTW...wish our prices were even close to your GV prices! LOL Try shopping here!! :(

Nancy M. said...

I noticed that in Walmart the other day! I thought it was really strange too.