Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The changing year

Normally I love the 'fall and winter' of a year. The time change has always been my best friend. I much prefer the 'winter hours' over the summer hours. Notice the first word was 'normally'. This year, I'm having a hard time adjusting to the hour change. It could be simply that we've only been into the hour change for a few days and I haven't adjusted, it could be because I'm getting old or hell, it could be because my underwear are too tight. (wait......I don't wear underwear..scratch that), who knows, but for some reason, the past 3 nights have felt like they were an eternity long!

First off, let me explain why I always preferred the 'winter' hours to the summer hours.
Here in the south (as I am) during the early summer (before the time changes back) when it gets daylight earlier in the morning, it's cooler outside to do my 'outside work'.
Here in SC, it gets hotter then the door handles of hell by 10am. (what with the humidity factor and all)
I want my outside work done by then, or noon at the least! I want to be inside in the coolness of the house enjoying a glass of the house wine of the south (otherwise known as iced tea) I don't want to be outside in the heat and humidity of a late southern morning, sweat rolling between my eyes and under everything else making me smell like a cowboy harlot on a three day rodeo!

And let me tell you, if you're a fat women and you live in the south, POWDER is your friend. Your BEST friend. I need to buy stock!

SO, whenever the clocks ticked back to 'daylight savings time' or whatever ridiculous name they are calling it now, I've always relished in it. The sun rose faster in the mornings and come spring and early summer I KNEW I could be outside getting MOST of my gardening and yard work done by noon before the hellishness of the south set in. Being a morning person, this is a good thing. My average 'awake' time is 5am. Naturally. No clock needed, no alarm set. 5 am (and that's sleeping in, most mornings it can be anywhere from 3:30 to 4:30). I REALLY must be getting old!

For three days now, I've wondered..why the nights have been so long. I realize by 5pm it's getting dark. My 7:30pm run to the chicken coop to close the ladies up for the night and feed Baxter in the last dredges of sunlight are no longer possible. I've had to switch it over to a 5:30 run. Ok, I can do this, fine by me. But the nights are FOREVER LONG. And I USUALLY love that fact. Something is wrong here, I must be sick.

See ya next time......down on the farm!Sage

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