Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to APRIL!!

HOWDY! (this is how my best friend Lightfoot greets everyone..thought I'd give it a try!)
Nothing much new to share down on the farm. Cept..
Let me tell you of the 'escapee'!

His name is Baxter. I know you've heard me speak of him before, matter of fact, he's had his pictures posted here! He's our found Great Pyrenees. Remember the fence? Yeah..well that sure does keep him problems, however, we failed to recognize the windows in the house! Yep, you read that right, the windows in the house!

On Wednesday, the rain clouds threatened., so ol' Baxter was 'inside', sleeping away, or so I thought. In all actuality he was plotting his escape! (secretly, with his eyes closed!)

I just happened to have our bedroom window open, not even THINKING he would try to go out of one. I'm sitting at the computer playing "Sims' (yes, I'm a simmer) and I hear this 'rumble, rumble, thump, thud!" in the bedroom. See.., Baxter has a habit of laying between my bed and the wall, and with his size, he will on occasion, get 'stuck' and have to wiggle and jiggle till he gets 'unstuck', making a racket that would scare most ghosts! Again, I hear the 'rumble, rumble, thump, thud!" So I begin to think, he's stuck and can't get unstuck! I must go help!

I wander into the bedroom, check between the bed and the wall expecting to see a very stuck Baxter. I check the Baxter. Heck, I even checked the closet and no Baxter! Now, I'm starting to wonder about my sanity or if I have rowdy ghosts! I KNEW I heard what I heard. I didn't glance up at the window..I mean...gee, who'd have thought right??
I searched the house over, I searched Baxter.
I go BACK to where the noise came from..(bygeorgeImnotcrazy) and this time, I just happened to glance up at the window and notice..the screen gone! I popped my head out and there on the ground, broken and in shambles is.......the screen. Baxter was gone with the wind!

I called (hoping against hope cuz he's like a legless wonder and NEVER comes when called!), I whistled, I called some Baxter. I figured it was a lost cause, so came back in and gave up. He has tags and if someone finds him they'll call the number.

Hours pass..No Baxter yet.
Finally, dusk is coming and it's time to go close the chickens up for the night. You know chickens, to bed with the sun, up with the out I go, and there on the "OTHER" side of the fence is my wandering giant, looking happy as a lark, soaked to the bone and muddy as the Mississippi river in a flood! I opened the gate and let him in. I could hear the snicker in his snout..and see the joy in his eyes and ears as he told of his 'swimming' in the creek adventures!

Needless to say, all the windows now are lowered to a level in which Baxter cannot get more then a snout under them.
Gawd, what we won't do for our furkids!

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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