Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's that time again..

Yep, it's that time again when we are to be bombarded by the commercialism of the holidays.

Don't you just hate it?

I go into the stores (not very often) but already, they are pushing Christmas so hard it's not even funny, and Thanksgiving has not even happened yet! Of course, in all truth, they were putting out Christmas stuff before Halloween was over! (GASP!)

I truly hate the commercialism of the Holidays! The market pushes and urges you to buy what you don't need, or anyone else needs, just to 'fill that spot' for a Christmas gift for someone you may or may not normally buy for! What in the world are we thinking!?

What happened to the simpler times when gift giving meant something?
Money that's what. People saw Christmas as a time to make money.
Not only that, people worked all year to make more money so they no longer had time to 'make that gift' they had to buy it! And boy do they buy it! Anything and everything with a tag. Sometimes the more it costs the more they think it's worth something.
It's not.

I'm not a scrooge, don't get me wrong. I love the holidays, for what they are or what they should be. Celebrations, gathering times, family. Not this monster of 'consumerism' that has been created.
BUY BUY BUY, that's all we hear for months before the event!

I'd much rather have my children and family be able to visit, along with the new grandbabies and enjoy a simple dinner round the table, loaded with home baked and prepared foods, lots of laughter and a willingness to linger there simply for the conversation and the togetherness of family and friends.
How novel.
I will say that over the past several years our family has done our level best to cut out much of the commercialism and overspending within our own 'tree'. Our rules for Christmas? If it can't be a homemade gift, it cannot be more the a $20 spendature.
Most times, the gifts are homemade and well thought out. Most times, we love them more then anything that could be 'bought and sold' at the local five and dime!

So let's be honest here..are you going to go into the 'great debt' for your holiday season this year? If so, I have one question for you...WHY?

Here's the challenge..and it's for this year and next.
Do you level best to reduce your holiday spending by 1/2 this year. Try, try and try again. If you can't manage 1/2, then at least some. Send baked goods, home canned goods, hand crafted treasures or simply a card that says what you mean.
And for the following year, of 2009, keep your eyes open and Christmas in the back of your mind all year. Shop wisely and see if you can get by with less for the holidays. Put a limit on your 'per person' spending. Make what you can, think outside of the commercialism box and reduce your spending by 1/2 for 2009.

It's time we show the 'big boys' out there that we Hedgewives are taking back the Holidays and what they mean to us.

And with that said :
Happy Holidays!

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