Saturday, November 22, 2008 it's cold outside!

Hi all..
That big jet in the sky flew me away to the land of 'cold!" (well, one was big, the other..not so much!)
I arrived at my son and DIL's house on Monday night, we celebrated Niel's birthday the day after and now we sit in wait for the newest member of our family to arrive. DIL, Ashley was due yesterday and so far of course, no baby yet, but we sure do hope soon.

The average daytime temp here in upper NY is about 30..nighttime, I said it's cold outside!

We've taken the week easy for the most part, played "rock band 2' (a video game), cooked, taken walks and done a little shopping since Monday, but nothing exciting. Just waiting.

I'll be boarding that bird in the sky to return to the land of the south on Dec.5, so we have a little time yet in hopes that the little one will make her grand entrance.

As Ashley has said, "she's keeping her fans waiting" ..and that she is.

Till next time!

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