Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Ladies

My last few weeks have been busy busy busy! I've had family in for their visit, a babyshower/4th of July party and all the busyness of getting ready for it!

I've managed to keep things 'up' as it were around the house here, but have gotten behind in some things. But one is dying because I didn't sweep the ceilings ya know! LOL

I've pulled out some old crafts and started working on those again recently. My goal is to make a quilt completely by hand, the way the Pioneer women did. You'll have to help me keep going on this, because sometimes..I do get lazy! LOL

Yesterday I made a banana/nut/spice bread that was really delicious. I've posted the recipe I concocted on the Hedgewife forum, so take a look and give it a try! It was/is good! (hhhh?? breakfast anyone?)

I've got some clothes to hang out today, but it's looking like it's to rain, so I'm debatable about hanging them out or using that modern convience of the dryer!
What to do what to do!

I'm supposed to be working on a the middle of summer! HELP!!
LOL..I've not quite gotten in the mood for Christmas yet, but I'm hoping I can get this guy done. I haven't even started, but I guess I will by tonight!

So tell me Hedgewives..what have you been up to lately??

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