Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here it is...December 2012

And all is well.

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, table over flowing with food, laughter and people. We had a great time!

Before carnage of course

I did get nervous this year. I was trying out a 'new' way to cook a turkey and I will say turned out FABULOUS! I say thank you to my friend Johnnie for telling me about it.
Wanna know the secret? it is. Don't be shocked and don't be shy to try it (with more then just a turkey)
Then next time you go to the grocery store, tell them you want 'paper' and get yourself a large brown paper sack. heard me..a large brown paper sack. Take your turkey (or chicken or roast) and do whatever it is you like to do to your turkey (I injected mine a bit and rubbed butter all over it) and then..slip it nice and comfy down in that brown paper bag. Fold up the opening and staple it closed. Slip it into your roasting pan. Slide it in your preheated oven (not too hight 325 is good) and leave it alone for the required cooking time. (Mine was 4 hours)

You can't peek, so have faith. I fretted all day because the bag keeps EVERYTHING inside. You won't even be able to smell this badboy cooking. NOPE!
TRUST ME..when the time is up and you remove that bird..and open that bag..magic happens! It comes out just as brown and you'd always dreamed and hoped your bird would. Try'll like it!

Christmas/Yule is just around the corner! Are you ready? I have two more things to pick up and I'm done! I started wrapping a few days ago and hope to finish up today.

As you can see, I decorated the blog for the winter season..I guess the house is next!

Time to drag out the tree!

Till next time...