Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adding to the flock! we added a few more chooks to the mix of chooks we have. We purchased 10 Golden sex links..all hens (a breed I have never had before) and I'm still on the lookout for a 'sitter'.  Rhodies nor Sex-links are prone to 'sitting' a nest.  I'm hoping to find someone who may have a Orpington, Barred Rock or Dominque they are no longer wish to keep because she has gone broody..I hear tell they are good broody hens and mothers...I can always hope! We would like our 'flock' to self perpetuating. I know many don't want that..but we do. :) I'll take natures incubator over an electric one any day. :)

We'll be starting to revamp the small garden with this coming fall. It has to be totally redone. New fencing, new posts....boxes removed..tilled several times...and on and on. We are planning on only tending the smaller garden next year, instead of the bigger one or both.

Currently we are on the lookout for a few rabbits to add to the chaos here. Searching for the big white meat rabbits..New Zealand whites..need just male, one female.
I guess we are creating an 'eden' here! LOL

But..that's all the news for now..see you soon!

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