Monday, September 17, 2012

Hiatus over

Well, after my hiatus, and job secured (sort of) I'm back.

Life always gives each of us different loads to carry, and with the coming of this year, my load was a heavy one. Personal loads for the most part. Having taken time and working through some things, life seems to be getting more on a track to normalcy again.

I spent a week over the summer on Emerald Isle in NC had a was flowing. I've worked in the garden now and again and put up plenty of pickles and relish for the year and now it seems pear season has waltzed in while I wasn't looking. Pears will be heavy on the bedroom floor this weekend. (pears do not ripen on the trees, you have to pick them and then lay them out for about 2 weeks)

The one job I was hoping would come through did. (months after I expected it) but nonetheless, I am now working there as a temp. I'm loving it so far, and I hope I can get on permanently. The hours can seem daunting, but they are not so bad once you start doing them. 3 days at 14 hour shifts (with one hour for lunch) Of course, it helps that the workplace is very relaxed and homelike. We even have a full kitchen in which we can all go and cook if we so choose. 
 I've been doing a bit of crafting (not as much as I would like), making a few pieces of clothes for the grands here and there and just small stuff generally. I'm hoping that the job will allow me to do even more since we are allowed to take in hand work.

The holidays are nearly here much to our dismay. I've done some Yule shopping already. Every time I went into the store, I'd go through the 'reduced' area (mostly summer toys) and pick up one for each of the grands. I've got a good little load and if you add that to the few clothes I am making, they should have a nice Yule morning.

Summer was hot here..but we seemed to have had more rain the we did last year. Our garden did not do as well as I would have liked, our tomatoes flopped and I don't think anyone has had any decent bell peppers in years. Sad thing too. Next year, if I do a garden, I'm hoping to do a few things differently (like keep the hubs out!) LOL just kidding. I do believe next year, I will only work the small box garden. Give the big garden a years rest.  I keep telling the hubs we need to amend the soil over there, but he just doesn't seem to believe me or doesn't want to spend the money or time to do it. Probably a bit of both, but if we want a successfull garden we are going to have to. Otherwise, we are doing what my mama always said 'throwing good money after bad'.....

The Grands are growing and getting older as we all do. Brayden is now 4 with Ciannon running right behind him (turning 4 in Nov) and of course Lillian to be 3 in Dec. All so close in age. Ciannon and Brayden will be heading off to school next year I believe. Oh how the time does fly.

We had a small family gathering (reunion) over the summer. It was good to see so many together again, some I had not seen in years and years. It was good. We drove up on a Friday and came back on a Sunday so it was a quick trip for sure, but a good one nonetheless.

Well, I guess that's about it for an 8 month update! I'm hoping to post more often with goings on around the farm. We shall see. Life still has a way of staying busy and well, busy is better then boring. :)

See you next time....down on the farm.

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