Friday, October 14, 2011

It's official

After today, I will no longer fall prey to the viscous cycle of cell phone contracts & payments. Oh no. The hubs and I have decided to rid ourselves of what we truly find as a 'want' and not a need.
Now,  you must know, hubs is going to keep a cell phone, but not one under contract.
He had to keep a phone for two reasons. One: for work purposes and Two; He drives in large amounts of traffic, two hours daily ;  Ok, so we'll have ONE phone and go the cheapest route we can.
He has purchased a "Straight Talk' phone, and gotten the cheaper 'card plan' to go with it. 
One phone.
I am home 90% of the time, so tell me why in the world would *I* need a cell phone?
I have a home phone.

We saw no reason to pay for things on a phone that we do not use. Yes, we are of the old mind set, that a phone is a phone. Not a net surfing object or something to type on. It's a phone. You talk on the damned thing.

Our previous cell phone bills ran about 100$ or more a month. We've knocked that down now to $30.
I am pleased with this decision. Everyone complains about the 'cost of things' but very rarely will 'do what it takes to lower those costs'. We are now doing.
We find it odd however, with all the technology that we have reached that the companies want to take such advantage of it and charge so much for it. Cell phones are an everyday thing now. WHY are they costing people so much?
It's much like 'HD' on your tv. The signal comes in 'HD' why are they charging you to 'have HD signal"? HUH? Makes no sense to me. So..I don't pay for it. They give it to me free, or not at all. But that's another post all together.

Anyway..I am now cell free.  If you call my home and I'm not there, leave a damned message. You don't have to track me down. less thing to worry about 'forgetting' as I walk out the door too!
It is a revelation!


the canned quilter said...

I did this almost a year ago and never looked back : ) We have one straight talk that I maintain for myself & my 16 yer old so that when she leaves the house she has a phone in case of breakdowns and such. We have never had a problem with straight talk and get better reception out here in the middle of no where than we got with out contract phones. We will never go back.

Stitchesnstrokes said...

I'm with you. We are still under contract for 2 phones but it is $50/mo for both. When the next year is up we will go down to one with pay and talk. We so do not need 2 cells...seem to get carried away with the 'times'. My son-in-law laughed when he saw me looking up a phone number in the book and asked what I was doing! LOL They just use their phones!!! I may be getting old but I just don't get it!!!!!! ;)