Tuesday, October 25, 2011

100 acres of people? Oh no!

Fifteen years ago I moved here to the country. We've lived surrounded by acres and acres of farm land (not my own mind you) surrounding our house and across the road. There were (are) no other houses near mine. None. Matter of fact, by distance measurement alone, my closest neighbor is home to many.. it's a graveyard.

About a year ago my country solitude received a shock with the simple placement of a 'for sale' sign on the land across the street. ACK!!! I watched the sign daily at first. Then weekly as it didn't move nor did it ever get the 'sold' placard stamped across it's face. I started to relax. Maybe nobody wanted it. He did have a high price on it and it was 100 acres to be sold in one unit, he would not break it up. If I remember correctly, he wanted 30,000 an acre for it. 100 x's 30,000 is like 300,000.00 That's a lot for land around here. It would never sell. (of course, there are idiots everywhere ya know)

Apparently the owner found one. The sign was removed at the beginning of this week and today heavy equipment started moving in to clear it out. My heart is broken as I fear my idyllic solitary country life will no longer be solitary.
For some reason, I don't believe a 'single' house is going to go in. For some reason my gut is telling me that 100 acres will make a prime location for a neighborhood. 100 acres, that's lots of subdivision space ya know. At an acre per house, that's 100 houses. (OHMYGAWD!)  At 2 acres per house, that's 50 houses. (GULP!)

Shudder the thought that they make them 1/4 acre lots! 

One, I might could deal with...but 100??? (or more)

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's official

After today, I will no longer fall prey to the viscous cycle of cell phone contracts & payments. Oh no. The hubs and I have decided to rid ourselves of what we truly find as a 'want' and not a need.
Now,  you must know, hubs is going to keep a cell phone, but not one under contract.
He had to keep a phone for two reasons. One: for work purposes and Two; He drives in large amounts of traffic, two hours daily ;  Ok, so we'll have ONE phone and go the cheapest route we can.
He has purchased a "Straight Talk' phone, and gotten the cheaper 'card plan' to go with it. 
One phone.
I am home 90% of the time, so tell me why in the world would *I* need a cell phone?
I have a home phone.

We saw no reason to pay for things on a phone that we do not use. Yes, we are of the old mind set, that a phone is a phone. Not a net surfing object or something to type on. It's a phone. You talk on the damned thing.

Our previous cell phone bills ran about 100$ or more a month. We've knocked that down now to $30.
I am pleased with this decision. Everyone complains about the 'cost of things' but very rarely will 'do what it takes to lower those costs'. We are now doing.
We find it odd however, with all the technology that we have reached that the companies want to take such advantage of it and charge so much for it. Cell phones are an everyday thing now. WHY are they costing people so much?
It's much like 'HD' on your tv. The signal comes in 'HD' period..so why are they charging you to 'have HD signal"? HUH? Makes no sense to me. So..I don't pay for it. They give it to me free, or not at all. But that's another post all together.

Anyway..I am now cell free.  If you call my home and I'm not there, leave a damned message. You don't have to track me down.

Woohooo..one less thing to worry about 'forgetting' as I walk out the door too!
It is a revelation!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Traveling back in time

I have returned from my jaunt to the past. After boarding our time machine and zipping through the wormhole we emerged in the Middle Ages to partake of a fun filled weekend of Royal Court, Jousting, War and Feasts galore.
Our chariot was jam packed with all the goodies we would need for the trip through time.  (and I do mean jam packed!)
We camped, we cooked, we ate, we attended Royal Court, jousting matches and drum circles. We gathered round fires to drink mead and share in the joy of conversation and laughs without the aid of modern conveniences.  It was sad to have to see it end, but our time in the past was near over and again we loaded up our chariot and transported back through the wormhole into the current ages. I think I prefer the Middle Ages.
Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

At Royal Court

Elchenburg Castle

On the Jousting Field

Another Jouster
If you would like to see more photos you can go "HERE" to see my facebook album (because it takes forever to upload them onto blogger)

This event was an "SCA" event. So if it intrigues you or interests you, I urge you to check out the SCA page, maybe you'll join us next time!