Monday, August 29, 2011


The previous post was written in earnest!  For the upper U.S. states, where rain just kept coming, Irene was a disaster.
As I posted before "Think" and ask your self how will you get by without water, electric or no way out, I point you in this direction..

["in Plattsville, New York, seven families who thought they had escaped the wrath of Irene in Brooklyn were stranded in the Catskill Mountains Monday after bridges crumbled all around them.

"We're sitting in one room, and it's a horrible situation and there is no way out," said Irina Noveck, who was stuck along with 22 other adults and children. "Kids are getting scared, food is getting spoiled."]

And this

["Vermont State Police Capt. Ray Keefe said Wilmington is "cut off," hundreds of roads had been closed, and some homes were washed into lakes."]

You can find the above quotes in this article here.

It cannot be stressed prepared, have 1st and 2nd alternatives!

Soon..we'll discuss 'generators'. Good? bad? or useless?

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