Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Meld

Ok, for two days solid I've taken time off from everything else and drowned myself into the world of 'the blog' tell you the truth, it's feeling more like 'the BOG' right now! WHEW! However, I'm nearly done.
Many of you know I had several blogs, some designed and dedicated for one purpose or another. ALL those blogs save for the grand babies have been melded into this one. Sagewood Farm now encompases the Hedgewife, Sage's Kitchen and The Garden Gate. There is a separate site for the babies, which you can find here:
Babes of Sagewood 
And you can see a link to that on the left as well.
I'm hoping to be able to hop back into blogging a little more often now that it doesn't seem so daunting a task. :) Thanks for all the patience and waiting for postings. I'm still here..glad your hanging with me!

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