Monday, July 25, 2011

It started out good

And I was raring to go, and actually I did. I cleaned my bathroom, stripped the bed, washed the linens, put clean sheets on the bed, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the vacuum ...boy I was on a roll! Then..something happened. I don't know what, but SOMETHING happened. I ran out of steam.
That was all that I got accomplished today (besides the usual fixing dinner of course.

So I took a nap.

It didn't help.

But hey..I did get 'those' things done right?
So here I am, perusing the web tonight while I wait for sleep to find me (I think it's lost) and I run across this saying: 
“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain 
here's the post that goes with it..It's a good post, read it. Enjoy. I think tomorrow I'll eat the frog first. :)
Simple Mom


Ashley said...

I read that link you posted. It's a good idea. I might try to do that in my life. Thanks for sharing.

Sage said...

You're welcome!