Monday, March 21, 2011

It's back to the Summertime grind!

Yep, summertime grind. Early morning rising (normal) and straight out to the garden as the sun comes up!
 I'm not much into digging and weeding and harvesting in the heat of the day so you will usually find me doing my 'outside' chores first thing in the AM. Things like, weeding and pruning, mowing and picking up yard debris, hanging out laundry and harvesting, yep, all morning time chores.
I've gotten myself into a pretty good routine what with the new summer hours and the hubby's third shift hours. I'm in the garden or outside doing whatever first light ..but having 'two' gardens, small square foot garden and a larger raised bed garden it's a lot of work for one day, so I've split it. When hubs leaves for work at 6:45 I water one garden, set the clock for an hour and do any kitchen clean up I need to. When my hour is up, I go out and water the chickens, and all the other critters, check for eggs a 3rd time for the day, pick up anything that's 'not where it's supposed to be (garden wise), feed the chickens for a 2nd time and close them in for the night. Then the sprinkler is turned off and I fill up the watering can and hit the spots that the sprinkler hose may have missed. All this takes about 20 minutes or so. The next night, I repeat it, but it's the 'other' garden. It works, and it's routine, but it keeps things fairly simple around here!.
But as it is morning, and it is Monday my laundry is calling to be hung in the breeze so I'm off.
It's laundry  hanging time!

See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

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