Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Monday again

The garden is almost planted, the last few of the crops except tomatoes will be going in today. Laundry is in the wash ..sheets specifically and it'll soon be time to start harvesting the young spinach leaves. (they are up good!) Of course you know it's one thing Monday, so here's our list for today:
Yep, you heard that right..a one thing list! LOL just kidding with you! Our one thing for today is:
The computer! Today is the day to clean the computer, inside and out. Run a scan disk, clean up unnecessary files and give the monitor a good wipe down along with vacuuming out the dust in the fan vent. The computer may be a non required item, but it's still in many homes and is a tool, so keep your tools clean! (they'll work better for you!)
I have lots on the list to do today with it being Monday and all. All laundry, sheets too. Plant more in the garden, get dinner in the crock pot, move all herb starts outside, take down a shelf unit and since our temps have been getting in the 80's I have to set up my 'fan' vent system to cool things down. I'm not willing to start up our air conditioner this early in the year. The late afternoons have been getting pretty warm around here so it's 'fan' time!

This week looks to be a busy one for sure, so get your aprons on and your working clothes and let's get busy! :) Have a great day!

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