Monday, February 21, 2011

You should be here!

Baxter enjoying the wonderful weather
The weather is beautiful! It's 54 degrees here this morning and the daytime temps are near 70-75! Couldn't ask for nicer weather.
The DIL and I have been in the garden and planting seedlings for the past week. We are ready to plant! Now we just have to wait till it's safe from any possible frost! WHOOHOOO!
Time for a lovely spring picnic!
The chickens have gone on an egg laying strike and we are not sure why. We seriously think it has to do with a predator bird that snatched one of the young hens up last week.Chickens don't like 'upset' and since that little incident they've all taken to hiding up under the porch and not laying any eggs! I'll be adding some extra calcium (read: oyster shells) to their diet this week just in case. Hopefully I can get them out of this non laying funk they seem to be in.

Anyone up for a wheelbarrow ride?
It's looking to be a busy day here on the farm. A little bit of work in the garden, some laundry to hang out, floors to clean and vacuum, whew, never ends does it?
See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

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