Monday, February 28, 2011


Welcome home Oscar! Oscar is our resident scarecrow. He has graced our yard during Halloween and now will grace the yard to protect the flock and the garden. On a farm along with the birth of new things, comes the sad but true fact of the cycle of life and the death that it brings. Hawks, falcons, foxes and all predatory creatures must eat so they prey on the smaller ones. Big fish eat little fish kinda thing ya know? A few weeks back we lost one of our 2 month old chicks to a Falcon. He's been surfacing nearly daily now in search of more..hence the very reason for Oscars Resurrection!
The stuffing begins!
 Oscar has been housed in our storage shed for quite a few years but after our loss we knew it was time to resurrect him. The DIL gave him new clothes, new stuffing, the boy child helped and he's got a temporary head till we can find suitable head material and a hat for him. He's in residence at the edge of the garden and seems to be doing his job well. I'm sure he's happy about the new life he's been given and doesn't want to let the little farm animals down. He'll protect them. (the little birds however, totally ignore his authority! I think they mock him daily.)

Oscar has risen!

I'll post pics soon of our 'decked' out Oscar as soon as I can. Till then..Welcome home Oscar!
A final addition of a temporary face.

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