Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh yes! Lovely days ahead

The rain has finally rained itself out! WHEW! We had a glorious weekend and to catch up and be prepared for today, there isn't a stitch of dirty laundry in the house. We washed and hung all day Saturday and a wee bit on Sunday..all laundry DONE!  WHEW! It's nice to be able to hang them all out at once.
The rest of the week is suppose to be beautiful as well, so keeping up with the 'garden' laundry I'm getting ready to have this week will be easy peasy!  That's right, today is seed planting day. Boy child is going to construct a shelf unit for me to go in front of my dinning room window and the DIL and I are going to gather the dirt and fill the mini pots and plant seed after seed for the garden!
Our first order of business according to the Farmers Almanac will be the cooler weather crops..all cabbage related crops will be planted today. Broccoli, cabbage, collards, etc. Maybe tomorrow we might turn one of my garden boxes into a mini green house and plant carrots and lettuce too!
One never knows what we may get into. I do know that Thursday of this week, we'll be heading to N. Charleston to have a picnic with all the grandbabies at the park. Our temps this week are supposed to rise one or two degrees each day so that Friday is scheduled to be 75 degrees! WHEW..sounds like spring to me!
I've heard a hoot owl singing for many mornings past, tons of cardinals in the yard and blue jays too. We even have one resident red headed woodpecker flitting about! I'd say for sure it's spring!
Welcome to Spring in the South!
Ohhhh..PS: Happy Valentines Day!!
See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

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