Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's been five days! (or is that six?)

Since I've posted. The week has been sort of busy. We had one day of sunshine early in the week so all the laundry was done, hung out to dry, folded and put away. One day was a visit day, went to visit the daughter an grans and one day for a dentist visit, not what I would call a good day.
Today is looking to be full of sunshine with mild temps, so I can see another laundry day on the horizon. Of course, all of next week is looking nice too! Can you hear it? The little seeds calling out, ready to be planted. Next weeks plans are a picnic and a park visit and planting seeds that will turn to seedlings for the garden! YEAH! I'd say spring is surely springing!
Today is looking to be a cleaning day for sure. Maybe I'll even get to open a few windows!

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