Monday, February 14, 2011

Has another week come and gone?

Oh yes dear Hedgewives, it surely has.
A new week, a new Monday and a new 'one thing'.
Here we go, get on your garden aprons and let's plant.
The one thing for today is play in the dirt!! Yep, plant something or care for something that makes it's home in the dirt. Whether it's taking care of a few house plants, fluffing up their dirt, giving them a boost or transplanting them, it's time for dirt play!  How about planting a few herbs for an indoor herb garden? (if you don't have room or can't plant an in-ground garden). Get some seeds, and some dirt a small pot or two and plan on some culinary delights! It's playing in the dirt day!

The DIL and I will be doing some planting of our own today as we head out to collect some unused dirt to fill the little pots for seedlings!'s time for garden chores!

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