Monday, January 31, 2011


The weekend is gone already! We had BEAUTIFUL weather and it was a good thing too.

Since today is BUBBLE day, which means laundry and it's due to rain all day, I did all my  laundry yesterday! (can't hang clothes in the rain ya know) Good thing too, it's raining already.
It was 74 here yesterday! Wow..what nice weather!
It's still one thing Mondays though, and today's one thing is..CLEANING THE COFFEE POT! Don't have a coffee pot? How about a tea maker? Or any item that you use on a daily basis that can get sediment in it and clogged up. Today's the day. It's the coffee maker for me. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow is the first of the month and there are certain things I do on the first of the month's the list..
Change the air/heat unit filter
Check fire/smoke detector batteries
Give the dogs/cats heart worm medication
Dust ceiling fans

That's about it. Do I get it all done? Not always, but I make sure to try and get it done in the first couple of weeks.
I sure do hope you have a great day rain or shine.

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