Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I had not updated my 'grands' blogs in almost 5 months. Tonight, two of them are done. The last one will be finished tomorrow. WHEW!
Come to think of it, I only recently updated this blog, once in Nov. and once again in Jan.
Wonder why that is?
Did you ever just get 'burned' out of blogging? Well, I did in a big way.
Last year while I was working nearly 60 hrs per week for the longest time, I did my best to keep up with the blogs and did a decent job. Then, I quit my job (couldn't stand it anymore) and it seems I quit everything else too, except my house. That was when I went into 'the great transformation' of the house. My craft room demolished and a 'kids room' implanted in it's place and the 'guest' room transformed into a very usable guest room. Dinning room and living room rearranged as well as the kitchen. was a lot of work followed directly by a yard sale, Thanksgiving and Christmas and of course, the New year which we find ourselves in now. Blogging? Who the hell had time to blog, or the energy left to do it with? Not me. 

My house is still not how I would like it. Most of it is mind you, the kiddo's room, the guest room and the living room are about as good as they are going to get. I can't say  much more for the dinning room except that I wish it were about 10ft bigger. Since I can't 'SIM" my house and stretch out a wall, I'll have to live with it. (oh, if you don't play SIMS you may not understand that reference, so let me just say in "SIMS" you build houses and if you need a room bigger you just move a wall..and presto, bigger room. If only I could "SIM build" my house!)
My kitchen is not as workable as I would like it, but I am at a loss as to how to make it better. (but I'm working on it, much to the bemoaning of my other half).
Things are starting to come back to a schedule around here. Hubby just went to 3rd shift, so I'm dealing with that and trying to work my schedule around it. I get most of the 'noisy' work done in the mornings before he gets home (that means pre 6:30 am people!) and save the quieter activities for when he's sleeping. It's working, but still needs refinement. I'm working on that too.
Life, it's a work in progress always. Never stops.
There has been garden planning and quilt tops put on the frames, crocheting done and various other odds and ends like bread baking and winterizing. I thought winter time was the time you were supposed to rest???
Whoever said that, needs to come stay here for a month so I can show them the error of their ways (or shoot them! especially if they don't lend a hand to help!).

I made a list before Christmas, a 100 things list, at the dare of my son. In conversation one night I made the remark "I've got a 100 things to do before yadda yadda yadda.... His reply "I bet you really don't have 100 things to do, if you sat down and wrote it all down, I guarantee you could NOT come up with 100 things." So with the task at hand I sat down and started typing up the list titled 'The 100 things list" of course.
I came up with over 70 that day and I'm sure I could finish up enough to make that 100, but haven't had the time to get back to it!!
Of that list of over 70, I'm down 13 but could easily add 20+ more with finding things doing those 13!!
Does this ever end??

I always thought I'd be able to slow down a little, relax some in my 'later years' or 'grandma years'. Someone lied to me! Again, Whoever said that needs to be shot.

Of course, it could be because of the 'country' lifestyle I have chosen huh? Shhhhh..forget I said that.
See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

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