Friday, January 21, 2011


Did you hear that?? Two days I decided to go techy-less (well, close) it was a no techy Wednesday, check, but I decided to repeat on Thursday as well. I did watch TV on Thursday but didn't get online at all.
Here's what I did for those two days! Remember that apron I wanted to make? Well, it's 99% finished and I've sewn it all by hand! I'm down to adding the tie and a few pockets, but I have a gimp finger..and will have to hold off for a day or two before I finish it up. It's a mock up from a pattern I made to see if it will work, problems I'll have with it, adjustments, etc so I can modify the pattern and do it again!
I'll be visiting today, since today is my 'visit' day. Heading out to 'the city'  to visit with the daughter and will probably have two of the Grands with me for the night! WOOHOO..that means it's pizza night!

I'll have to stop by the store and get all the stuff I'll need to make some homemade pizza..yum! (I actually have everything, just don't think I'll have enough!)
Anyway, will posts pics hopefully by Sunday of the finished apron..and what adjustments I plan on making to it. :) Hope you enjoyed you're 'no techy' Wednesday, I know I did!

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