Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking ahead

As we should of course. Always think ahead. Tomorrow is my shopping day. So today, two things, clean out the fridge and have leftovers for dinner! (sad thing is, I don't have many leftovers cuz we ate them Monday when I got on a lazy streak!)
(checking sale papers)
Last week one of our grocery stores had chicken on sale, 40 lbs for 17.00$ Of course I took advantage of the sale and bought 40lbs. I put it in the freezer temporarily till I could can it. I canned 4 quarts a few days ago, and the next batch is on the stove now (should be about 4-6 qrts).
I checked the sale papers today and they have carrots and celery on sale. Hmm, makes me think 'chicken soup'. So I'll save the last 6 jars for canning tomorrow after shopping. I'll buy the carrots and the celery and can up some chicken soup sans the noodles. How easy is that?
I'm still stuck for dinner ideas, but there's always eggs! One good thing about having chickens and an over abundance of eggs is, "It's what's for dinner!" anytime you're in a fix!
So I'm off to finish pre-boiling chicken and cook up some bacon and eggs for dinner.

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...


The chicken sounds so good! It will be so nice to have in a pinch, pop open a can and add some noodles or rice for a great soup!! We have a slew of roosters that are getting ready to be slaughtered and i will probably can some of them too. YUMMO