Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Happy day to all you Hedgewives!

As normal, up at 5 and all the morning chores done and out of the way. Today is my DOLL day.
DOLL stands for
Dinning Room
Living Room
Laundry (Ironing only)

I always do my laundry on Monday's but as the old ways said "wash on Monday", Iron on Tuesday I save the ironing for Tuesdays. So if there were anything I washed and dried the day before, today is the day I iron it. :)

How did you 'One thing Monday" go??  There will be another listed for next Monday..one thing at a time, it's the way a Hedgewife takes life. :)
Remember Wednesday's are 'non techy' days. No computer and no TV specifically, so there will be no post for tomorrow.
I sure do hope each one of you join me on No techy Wednesdays, you'll be surprised how much you can accomplish!

I'll check back in with you on Thursday and maybe I'll list all the things I got done. How about you?

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