Monday, January 17, 2011


Today is "ONE thing Mondays" here's the one thing to accomplish for the day:
You know that drawer under the oven. You know..the one you put all your lids in. Maybe you store pots in it? Heck, you may not even have an oven that has one, and it's a broiler down there instead. Either way today is the day for that one item. If it's a drawer, take everything out, wash them off and give the drawer a good cleaning. If it's a broiler, clean the broiler pan and the slides under it.
It's ONE THING and I know you can do it!

Monday is BUBBLE day for me
BUBBLE day is what I call it anyway. It stands for
in short, BBBL..pronounced BUBBLE! :)
Bathroom cleaned, Bedroom cleaned and Laundry done, Baking is the only thing left on my chore list for today.
I say that, knowing that I still have other things to do of course. I'm currently in the process of going through all my craft items. Yesterday I refolded and re-organized almost all my material. (I'll finish up the rest today)
I felt like a miser counting out his gold! I love material. Believe it or not, the small stuff is what gets me giddy. I think of patchwork quilts and some of the beautiful blocks I could make with the plethora of little bits and pieces that can be matched up...I'm drunk with glee about it. Now if I could just make more time in a day to do it!

The hubby and I cleaned out the deep freeze and re-organized it yesterday. (ohh I found treasure in there too!)  Now, match that with the fact that two days prior to that I went through all my 'home canned' goods and I can see what our dinners will consist of for the next week!
I've got to put my brain to work and come up with something that will use 'home canned' blueberries.  I try to use the FIFO method of food storage and usage case you don't know FIFO means First in First out. It keeps the food rotation and storage up to date.
Well, my canned blueberries are the one thing on the shelves that I need to use up before this summer comes and I add more to the mix! These are blueberries in a syrup/juice.
I've recently made blueberry cobbler, so I'm not wanting to do that again. I can always make blueberry muffins, but would rather find SOMETHING different or unique. So all you Hedgewives out there, got any ideas? Great recipes using blueberries in syrup/juice?
I'm off now to accomplish my 'One Thing' and then back to my gold counting  material folding. I may even pull out some block patterns and whip up a few to start a sampler quilt!

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