Friday, January 14, 2011

A Hedgewife Challenge

I have a Challenge for all you Hedgewives out there!
Are you ready for this? I do believe we have all become accustomed to WAY too much technology. I'm guilty of it. I have satellite tv with well over 200 channels, I have a cell phone, I have internet connection, I'm a blogger, and yes, I own a microwave even though I rarely use it, along with many other whizzy gizzy objects that I can't think of right now. Do you have these things? Do you think you can't live without them?
Here's the challenge. Pick ONE DAY to go without these things. No, I'm not telling you to pull the plug on your electric, but for ONE DAY, don't turn on the tv, don't use your cell phone, don't use your microwave, don't use your computer. Turn them off, unplug them, shut them down. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, but for ONE DAY, have a non techno day.

 So here it is Hedgewives:
Can you do it?
No Computer
No Cell phone
No Microwave
?????? Join me in this challenge, and see how much we can get accomplished. I DARE YA!

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