Monday, January 4, 2010

Living in the south's the south, and it's winter. Now some may think we don't get cold weather, but I'm here to tell you differently.

South Carolina, even the lower tip where we live surely does get cold and it's a cold that goes to the bone! (trust me!)'s like this. Our humidity level is much higher here than in the northern climes of the US. Soooo when it gets cold, it's a damp/wet cold. THAT kind of cold, ladies and gents, is NOT a pretty one. Sticks with you like thick grits, ya know?

Our coldest months are Jan & Feb and last few days the temps have been in the 20's (low 20's at that!)
With temps that low comes the winterizing work. The chicken coop vents will have to be covered over with plastic. Any pipes above ground have to be insulated (specially at the well house!) The cars have to be 'winterized' and a few more odd and end winter jobs.

You know what's bad about all this. We only need this stuff for two months. It seems as soon as we get it all finished, it's just about time to take it down!

The other thing that January and the new year brings ..we get to start seriously thinking about the garden! What to plant, when to plant, planting seeds in the house and all the good things that go with gardening. And yes, even the bad tilling the ground now so that the cold weather kills weed roots, then fertilizing and re-tilling ..only to be repeated in a few weeks.

I know..we just had Christmas and the New Year, but here in the south..cold though it may be we have GARDENS on our minds!!
See ya next time......down on the farm!



Stitchesnstrokes said...

Hi there Sage. I didn't think it got that cold way over there, but I am so wrong! It is hovering around the freezing mark up here, light snow last night, maybe an inch or so. I don't mind that, we are drier here and as long as it's not icy I'm good with it! Gardens...only in my dreams! Can't go there for a long time, concentrating on doing the renos this winter and crafting. Time to snuggle in and get through the cold months! Hope all is well in your part of the world, nice to see you having some more time to blog! Hugs ~ Nancy

Nancy M. said...

I'm in upstate SC and it's so cold here right now! I've been giving the chickens scratch feed to keep them warm.

I've got lots of seed catalogs in the mail lately, so I'm starting to think about my garden too!