Thursday, December 3, 2009

As you can see

There have been no posts for two weeks! WOW! But if you've read the main Sagewood Farm page, then you know I've been on a Thanksgiving vacation of sorts. All the way to upstate NY!

I missed the snow (dang it) but I did get to celebrate my granddaughter Ciannons first birthday!

Now that the vacation is over, I guess that means..back to the more normal routine. Although, I'm hoping that a job I applied for comes through, which means my entire routine will change! I do hope I get the job however. Keep your fingers crossed!

SO here it is, Thursday morning (really EARLY by the way..can't sleep) and we've missed several 'One thing Mondays'..but that's ok..never was written in stone!

I'll be off to visit the girlchild and hubby along with Squishy tomorrow then back to 'decorating'! It usually takes me two or three days to get it all done. So tell me, share with much do you do?, how long does it take you to get it done? and when do you start? Do you like classic simple decorations? or are you an out and out blinger? Do you do a lot or a little? Tell me your Christmas decorating scheme..share!!

I've always been a late decorator. I'm afraid I'll get sick of it if it's up too long. It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to get it all up and 'fixed' the way I want it. (Heck..who am I kidding..sometimes I rearrange it till the day I start taking it down!) I love the old fashioned simple look. Greenery on the shelves and around the candles. A bowl of 'stuff' like balls and pine cones for the table (maybe even a studded orange or two) old fashioned looking stockings hung in various places about the house and heck, I even have a lighted village that I put out (one that is missing lots of pieces cuz I haven't painted them yet..sad ain't I?)

I've got much to do before the holiday is upon us. More gifts to make and all of them to wrap of course. Dinner to plan and almost all the decorating to finish! WHEW..a lot to do huh?

Guess I'll get busy with that after I get home tomorrow.
So..get busy, decorate, it's the season!!

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NancyD said...

I'm way ahead of you, Sage! LOL Decorated...but now the baking and cards and .... it truly never ends, does it? :) But I love it, 'tis the season and only comes onces a year, so enjoy!
I've missed you! Glad you are back!