Sunday, November 1, 2009

The time has come...

To go back in time!!
Fall..the only time you get to 'redo' an hour. Yep, it was fall back time, so here's your reminder, if you haven't set your clocks back now is the time to do it!

The sun will set faster today and the darkness will creep away earlier in the mornings and each of us will 'settle' into the winter of our lives. Personally, I'm a fall fan. I love the time change, the cooler weather, falling leaves and home fires burning.
Ahh, the cinnamon scents of fall, the spicy flavors of time as well as life. Before you know it we'll be celebrating the beginning of 2010. Scary almost isn't it?
Now, let me ask you, when you were a teenager did you ever imagine what life would be like in 2010?? it different then what you imagined? Better? Worse??
(shrug) Life is funny isn't it?

There's one thing I do know, that no matter the year, people reminisce the days of their youth when the fall comes. Why is that I wonder? What is it about falling leaves, cooler temperatures and seasonal changes that make us remember the 'way back when' of our lives? Almost always we call them 'the good old days' too. Were they?
The bigger question may be are you making good memories for your families, children and grandchildren to reminisce on? (wink) Think about it.

Time to share..tell me about your favorite 'fall memories'.

Gotta love it!

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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Unknown said...

I sure agree with you, Sage. Wonder why that is? Fall always reminds me of back to school, crisp air, crisp leaves, wonderful colors, and the dread of the cold winter ahead! It also makes me very "homey", baking, making homemade soups, filling the cupboards and deep freeze, and think about Christmas. I really love fall! And yes, I think we have wonderful memories of family time to reminisce about, I know I have them to give me comfort from my childhood. We have built on them for our family too, and hopefully they will for their families. That is truly what it is all about - family...