Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall happenings!

What's been happening??!!! It's FALL! Oh yeah, my favorite time of the year. The weather here has not always cooperated with the 'idea' of fall..matter of fact it was 92 just a few days ago. (that surely doesn't sound like fall weather to me!) Our nights are getting much much cooler, the rains have started (which is a southern fall/winter norm) and the days are on a gradual down slide in heat.
Fall is garlic planting time so we loaded a garden box full of garlic the other day.
I sat at the table last night and planted many many herbs for indoor growing this winter.
We've got one last batch of pears to put up this week.. I will probably put this last batch in the freezer. I'm glad the pears are almost done..sure is a lot of work!

Hubby has already prepared the garden for next years bounty. All the weeds are gone, boxes are ready to plant again. Now, we'll have to cover it all in newspaper and hay to keep the weeds from creeping back in. We will be expanding our garden next year, tilling up a new area to fill with garden goodies.
OH YES..something new! I ordered more chicks for our little farm. We've got 15 more coming this week, they are being shipped today so we should have them tomorrow! WOOHOO!! Come spring, we'll have twice as many layers! (we even bought a roo or two).

Christmas is looming closer and closer. I've got lots of things to get busy making, so my sewing machine is going to be humming along in these upcoming weeks!

Fall, it's always a busy time isn't it?? But then again, so is spring and summer.

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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Stitchesnstrokes said...

Now I know why you have been MIA!! Busy lady, as always! Sounds like the farm is going to be a really fun place to be, especially in the next year. I just love new chicks, they are just little handfuls of fluff, so sweet! I know how your gardens have been in the past, I know that you will have wonderful success next year with it all. MMM,,love garlic! Missing you..hope we connect soon. Hugs, Nancy