Friday, October 30, 2009

Day TWO..Keeping it REAL

As I promised yesterday, here is the 'AFTERMESS" of dinner. It's not pretty, but this is not as bad as I have seen it either!!
(this is most of it, there are a few more pans that just wouldn't fit in the picture!)
Let's go back to the laundry room for a minute. I have two cats. My cats are primarily outside, but they do come in on a pretty regular basis to eat, to nap in the window or even hide from the outside weather once in a while. Since they do come in to eat, and I do have dogs that love cat food, their food has to be 'up'. I've opted to put it on the this................
Sure..see the rest of the stuff in my laundry room? The basket holds stuff like vacuum cleaner bags and rags for cleaning. Ohh look, there's a flashlight (right next to the door! how convenient!), lamp oil, hangers, extra shelf brackets..yep, all stuff that may need to be used or stored SOMEWHERE! tell me..where do you store yours? (I have VERY VERY FEW CLOSETS!)
See this towel?? It's there for a reason! Look closely..cats have dirt on their feet! I change it out once a week..but it saves me from getting dirt on the dryer!
KEEP IT REAL! Show me your dirt! Show me you're real! :) ENJOY!

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